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Fireproof plywood for transport vehicle industry

Vlast truda
plywood plant

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The "Vlast Truda" Plywood Plant" is specialized in production of different variety of fire retardant plywood. For many years, we have been supplying fire-proof birch panels for trimming and lining all types of transport cars, with the rail-way cars being our priority. The Plant's activity aimed at the manufacture the plywood range required for modern trains is based on a wide practical experience and focused upon scientific research, and development of new processes and techniques. Due to the use of natural materials, such as birch tree wood, the plywood non-toxic characteristics, its processability and adaptability are improved. The plywood can be combined with high pressure laminate and aluminum to increase the rupture strength and maintain the fire-resistance quality. We also combine the plywood with a special nonflammable rubber layer to absorb the vibration of engines and trains in motion. In general, our policy is aimed at the improvement of our product characteristics to assure the fire safety and comfort for the railway passengers all over the world.

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Fireproof plate FSF-TV

Fireproof vibration-absorbing plate FV-T

Fireproof plate FSF-TM (bio and aqua protected)

Fireproof vibration-absorbing plate FV-TP
(bio and aqua protected)